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Christmas Woodland Spider

Christmas Woodland Spider

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This beautiful Red Grapevine Christmas Spider Wreath is the perfect way to add a festive holiday touch to your home. This wreath is made with a classic grapevine base and is adorned with a cute, unique spider decoration. The bright red color of the spider adds a cheerful touch to the natural grapevine. The spider is made of shatter proof balls for the body and crystals for the legs. This wreath is perfect for hanging on a door, wall, or mantle to add a whimsical and fun holiday touch to any home. This wreath is the perfect way to bring the holiday spirit into your home. 

 The story of the Christmas Spider appears in many different versions throughout central and eastern Europe. In all of them the spiders' webs, spun on Christmas Eve, turn to silver and are seen as the beginning of the beautiful tradition of hanging sparkling tinsel on your Christmas tree. The tinsel symbolizes a Christmas miracle from long ago. 

 In Germany, the legend has it that a poor woman was unable to provide the traditional decorations for the Christmas holiday. A spider, who had narrowly escaped the dust mop, made his home in her tree and began to spin beautiful webs. On Christmas morning, the first light of the day struck the cobwebs, turning them to silver. When the woman awoke, she found the tree covered with silver treasure - the spider had brought good fortune! And the tradition of hanging tinsel on one's Christmas tree was begun.

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