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Forest Angel

Forest Angel

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The forest Angel Wreath with Golds and Creams is the perfect way to add a touch of rustic beauty to any home. This wreath features a blend of red, black, and cream Dupion and Burlap ribbon, creating a stunning contrast to the natural wood tones. 

This wreath is ideal for anyone looking to add an earthy, yet elegant, feel to their home. The blend of golden dipped fir branches, and accents of cream make it an eye-catching addition to any room. The Dupion and Burlap ribbon adds texture and dimension, while the angel with it's gold wings gives the wreath a unique, heavenly look.

This wreath is easy to hang, and whether it’s hung on the door for a welcoming touch, or placed on a wall for a more subtle look, this wreath is sure to add a touch of rustic beauty to any home. It’s also a great gift idea for a winter piece, and is sure to be a hit with family and friends.


This wreath measures approximately at 29"L x 22"W x 6.5"D

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